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A Break from Morrigan

11 Jul

Hey Everyone!

So today instead of posting progress of my Morrigan cosplay, I have something else to share.
I’ve already started working on my next cosplay.
It will be Syndra from lol. Today I had a day off from work and had 8 hours worth of energy that I spent making bracers for my arms.

So this is how they turned out~ xD


This was actually my first time trying to make armor, so I’m actually pleased with how it turned out.


Update! Whee~

2 Jul


Hello everyone, long time no talk!

So, Otakon is fastly approaching and in super excited and super nervous!
I’ve made tons of progress on my first cosplay ever and I wanted to give you guys an update since the last time I’ve posted.

I actually went out in the unfinished costume if morrigan for comic book day and it was awesooome

So, pictures!


I’m a really big dork, so please excuse the obvious laughing. lol.
I had a goofy smile in every single picture, but this was my favorite one.

I hope the updated version will be super! xD

Till next time~