Head Wing Process Part 1

3 Jan

Okay, so as I said before, my first cosplay I plan on doing this year is Morrigan Aensland.

As of now, I’m currently working on both sets of her wings.

I’ve finished the head wings at this point and am…stalling to finish the larger wings.

However, I’d just like to post some pictures I took while I made the head wings.

I actually made a set prior to these using a tutorial, but my version came out quite terribly. lol -tear drop-


Let’s start with the current head wings that I’m more than satisfied with:

ImageI used 14 gauge crafting wire and crafting foam for the shape of the head wings while referencing an image of Morrigan.

I look so angryTesting out the wings themselves after I completed both of them.

all crafted upThese are the wings while they aren’t on my head.


So that’s the first half of my head wing process.

Next, I’ll post the photos where I painted them and altered them a little.

See ya soon~

Oh, WAIT! I forgot to post the first version of the head wings. Y’know, the failure. lol





I look like I have antennae

-head desk- so embarrassingly terrible-



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