Part Two if my Pitifulness

9 Mar

I totally forgot I had my WordPress. ;_;
Actually, I laughed a bit about this because its an app on my phone, so idk how it was hard to miss.

SO! I HAVE been working on new stuff since Otakon. I’m a full time college student and work part time as well, so my progress has been slow, but still…

Have a picture!


That’s a much of a spoiler I’m giving! (Picture is of details, not my bum) xD


;m; I’m so pitiful!!!

30 Oct

Readers, if there are any, I’m deeply sorry for my absence from this blog.

I should make no excuses, because I have none. D:

I’ve been focusing on my college load, work and other things, but I always have time to be productive in my cosplay.

I don’t think I’ve posted it here, but for Otakon 2014, I’m planning and have started working on a couple cosplay of Talim and Yun-Seong from the Soul Calibur series. Yes, I know they aren’t a “couple”, but the two did travel together in the story mode version for a short time. Thus, yay~

I’m trying to enhance my prop and sewing skills, so I think this is a good combination of the two!

As a preview, here’s a pic of Talim’s finished Double Crescent Blade…because that’s her best weapon, imo.

Till next time!!!


Props to my sister, btw for letting me take creepy pictures of her. lol

Otakon Update

10 Aug

Okay! So Otakon is finally here and, as planned, I did have my cosplay ready.

It was really awesome.

I saw a ton of other cool cosplayers and took a bunch of pictures too! (I’ll upload those later).

But here’s my actual cosplay in full action~



A Break from Morrigan

11 Jul

Hey Everyone!

So today instead of posting progress of my Morrigan cosplay, I have something else to share.
I’ve already started working on my next cosplay.
It will be Syndra from lol. Today I had a day off from work and had 8 hours worth of energy that I spent making bracers for my arms.

So this is how they turned out~ xD


This was actually my first time trying to make armor, so I’m actually pleased with how it turned out.

Update! Whee~

2 Jul


Hello everyone, long time no talk!

So, Otakon is fastly approaching and in super excited and super nervous!
I’ve made tons of progress on my first cosplay ever and I wanted to give you guys an update since the last time I’ve posted.

I actually went out in the unfinished costume if morrigan for comic book day and it was awesooome

So, pictures!


I’m a really big dork, so please excuse the obvious laughing. lol.
I had a goofy smile in every single picture, but this was my favorite one.

I hope the updated version will be super! xD

Till next time~




20 Feb

Once again, I’m feeling the effects of the delayed progress of this Cosplay due to being on campus.

However, I did finally reorder a different leotard that I’m going to alter for the bodysuit.
It’s nice~

So, I’ll give you guys another photo.
I’m seriously hoping I can grab some time to sit down and catch you all up on what I’ve done these past few weeks concerning the costume. ;_;

much love,


Totally not dead..

27 Jan

Hey everyone,
I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been inactive for a few weeks. Just wanted to let you guys know I’m not dead.

My winter break ended, so I recently started back up classes for the Spring semester. A.k.a progress has slowed.

Therefore, to make up for my inactivity, here’s a post of my latest update!

Say hello to my unfinished large wings for Morrigan! :D …;_;